Welcome to FUNTOWN

Welcome to FUNTOWN

Welcome to FUNTOWNWelcome to FUNTOWNWelcome to FUNTOWN

A comedy podcast about things and other stuff

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About Us

Comedians Todd McComas, Jeff Oskay and Austin Reel chat about their lives, the world around them and whatever random stuff that pops in their brains. They're all comedy friends that needed a scheduled reason to meet up once a week. It's their therapy away from therapy. And they're sharing the wealth by keeping an open chair for other comedy friends to stop in and visit. They named this podcast FUNTOWN because there's only two rules here. Have fun and treat it like a destination.

They also named it FUNTOWN because it was virtually the only decent name that wasn't already being used by another comedy podcast and although it, by itself, is taken on social media…it's under 9 characters so they could add the word "podcast" after it and secure the Twitter handle @funtownpodcast without exceeding the 15 character limit.

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